Chimpanzee 0.4 WIP

Chimpanzee 0.4 is rewritten in C# (much faster) and works with Rhino 6, Rhino 7 and Rhino Mac. The major new feature is the escape-time algorithm (Mandelbrot set, Julia set, Burning Ship fractal) which enables even deeper zoom (10^-14) beyond Rhino threshold and coloring of the fractals based on the iterations. Chimpanzee 0.4 is compatible… Read More Chimpanzee 0.4 WIP


Chimpanzee 0.3

Chimpanzee 0.3 includes new features U,V domain for deep zoom (Mandelbrot set, Julia set, Burning ship fractal), Exponent input for Julia Set and 18 new components including the Curlicue fractal, Clifford map, Chirikov Standart map (Chirikov-Taylor map), Logistic map (bifurcation diagram), Lozi map, Popcorn map, Svensson map, Symmetric icon map, Aizawa system, Genesio-Tesi system, Multi-Chua 2 system, Multi-wing… Read More Chimpanzee 0.3

Chimpanzee 0.2

 Chimpanzee 0.2 available nowChimpanzee plug-in is suitable for fractal enthuasists. Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 6 written in Python includes currently 71 components which focus on fractals, maps, strange attractors, hyperchaotic systems, iterated function systems. #chimpanzee3d  food4Rhino McNeel Forum Chimpanzee changelog Aug 31, 2019 – Chimpanzee 0.2 Update to add 38 new components including hyperchaotic systems, […]

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Chimpanzee 0.1

Chimpanzee 0.1 release Chimpanzee plug-in is suitable for fractal enthuasists. Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 6 written in ghPython includes currently 33 components which focus on fractals, maps, strange attractors, iterated function systems.  #chimpanzee3d   food4Rhino McNeel Forum Chimpanzee changelog Nov 11, 2018 – Chimpanzee 0.1 initial release Chimpanzee component list Fractals Mandelbrot set Julia set Burning ship Iterated… Read More Chimpanzee 0.1

3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition, organized by the LIXIL JS Foundation, invited university research laboratories for proposals for sustainable architecture under the theme of “Retreat in Nature” in Taiki-cho, Japan. Retreat in Nature In a world where there is no coherent growth, shared values become fragmented. More effort is required to forge a… Read More 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition

Workshop Printed Phenomena & Folded Spaces

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #arduino #tudresden The workshop “Printed Phenomena and Folded Spaces” included cooperation of Junior Professorship for Knowledge Architecture; Junior Professorship for Industrial Design Engineering; Professorship for Media Design; Professorship for Communication Acoustics; supported by Saxon State and University Library Dresden. Wissens.Werkstatt „Printed Phenomena“ und „Folded Spaces“ The workshop “Printed Phenomena and Folded Spaces” responds… Read More Workshop Printed Phenomena & Folded Spaces

Solar Access Analysis + Evolutionary Algorithms

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #ecotect #maya #aftereffects The intention of the research engage in the application of evolutionary algorithms in architecture; in order to achieve optimized geometry in terms of sustainable architecture resulted from solar radiation data evaluation. Evolutionary algorithms enable an evaluation of the solar radiation concept depending on the geometry by the application of the… Read More Solar Access Analysis + Evolutionary Algorithms

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python #3dsmax #photoshop #aftereffects The initial intention of the research engaged in the approximating search of the string of the L-System by applying of evolutionary algorithm in order to achieve defined conditions. However the stochastic recursion of the rewriting system; thus the L-System syntax; does not enable applying of the search algorithm. Nevertheless… Read More Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Minimal Surfaces

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python The research of minimal surfaces in R3 refers to Joseph-Louis Lagrange in 1762. Minimal surfaces refer to the Plateau’s problem. Minimal surfaces may be definedHelicoid was described by Euler in 1774 and by Jean Baptiste Meusnier in 1776. Helicoid refers to the definition of the right conoid along with Plücker’s conoid, or Whitney umbrella. Eugène Charles… Read More Minimal Surfaces

Mandelbrot Set

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python #chimpanzee3d The Mandelbrot set, defined by Benoit B. Mandelbrot, is the set of complex numbers c obtained from the quadratic recurrence equation zn+1=zn2+c, which does not diverge when iterated. The boundary of the Mandelbrot set refers to fractal with Hausdorff dimension of 2. Mandelbrot set magification from Wolfgang Beyer via Ultrafractal 3… Read More Mandelbrot Set

Julia Set

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python #chimpanzee3d Julia sets were defined by french mathematician Gaston Julia who investigated the iterative properties (while the Julia set is associated with a quadratic equation of various degrees fc(z)= zn + c, Julia was interested in the iterative properties of a more general expression fc(z)= z4 + z3/(z-1) + z2/(z3 + 4… Read More Julia Set

Newton Fractal + Nova Fractal

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python C# Newton Fractal Newton’s method, also called the Newton-Raphson method, is a root-finding algorithm. A generalization of Newton’s iteration is zn+1 = zn – a p(zn) / p´(zn) where a is any complex number. The special choice a = 1 corresponds to the Newton fractal. The map exhibits a fractal structure in the sense of Julia set. Points in… Read More Newton Fractal + Nova Fractal

Maps a Oscillators

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python #chimpanzee3d A dynamical system may be mathematically expressed either by continuous set of equations, or by discrete system, called map. Duffing Oscillator The Duffing oscillator named after German engineer Georg Wilhelm Christian Caspar Duffing. The Duffing map refers to a non-linear second-order differential equation (The Duffing oscillator) that exhibits chaotic behavior. In… Read More Maps a Oscillators

Strange Attractors

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d #python #chimpanzee3d   Chaotic systems are dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. This sensitivity is known as the butterfly effect. A dynamical system may be mathematically expressed either by continuous set of equations, or by discrete system, called map. The term strange attractor was coined by David Ruelle and Floris Takens. Lorenz System The Lorenz system… Read More Strange Attractors

Social Knowledge Processes

#rhino3d #grasshopper3d The thesis concerns with the core social knowledge processes including communication, interaction, attention, perception, apperception and selfperception, which provide the required integration of individuals into the social environment. The thesis aims to approximate the progressive, responsible integration of individuals into the social environment; and the understanding of the social environment, often underestimated, or… Read More Social Knowledge Processes